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We are the preeminent accounting and financial solutions firm helping start-ups and Venture Capital companies grow. We believe that every business, at every stage of growth, is a story waiting to be told – and that all companies deserve to reach their full potential. By focusing on our core values and fostering trusted personal connections, we help our clients thrive with confidence so they can share their stories with the world.

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We deliver seasoned perspectives and insights, from the latest in Artificial Intelligence to M&A trends, the state of capital markets, and even the future of work. In a world of mounting uncertainty and complexity, knowledge is not just power, but peace of mind.

We value mutual respect and true human connections beyond all else because those are the only connections that truly matter. Our trusted relationships are the common thread that guides everything we do.

We get Silicon Valley

…and we love growth stories

Stories, like businesses, are personal and transformational. They have definition and character. Stories are history personified.

From inception to exit – from startup to medium growth, to earn out and beyond – there are countless stories that shape a company’s future. And we are the storytellers who help bring that future into focus every step of the way. 


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“I have recommended Kranz to several of my portfolio companies to provide full-service CFO/Finance support, as well as consulting on seeking and structuring venture debt. In each case, they have delivered excellent results with a qualified, professional, ethical, and cost-effective team.”

Pete Solvik, Managing Director of Jackson Square Ventures

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