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The power of kranz 

By focusing on our core values and fostering trusted personal relationships, we help our clients grow with confidence…

For over 25 years, kranz has advised and supported entrepreneurs and founders through the complexities of building high-growth businesses. With 300+ career consultants, we specialize in outsourced accounting and finance, CFO advisory and strategic finance, technical accounting, NetSuite consulting, interim finance, venture fund administration, and stock administration.

Why choose kranz

We believe in focusing on what matters…

All of our clients deserve to reach their full potential – and at every stage of growth, they have the opportunity to tell their story of success. Over 1,000 companies stand as a testament to kranz’s ability to empower our clients’ success. We bring extensive experience, professionalism, and customized solutions to your unique goals and concerns.


We are progressive thinkers in tune with the latest technology and tools. We create, protect, and transform value for our clients so that they can reach their full potential.


We deliver seasoned perspectives and insights, from the latest in Artificial Intelligence to M&A trends, the state of capital markets, and even the future of work. In a world of mounting uncertainty and complexity, knowledge is not just power, but peace of mind.


We search out and retain exceptional people to support exceptional clients. We value mutual respect and true human connections beyond all else because those are the only connections that truly matter. Our trusted relationships are the common thread that guides everything we do.

Our commitment to you

We are dependable

We foster responsible entrepreneurship so our clients can fuel our ever-expanding economy.

We are knowledgeable

We are strategic and experienced client partners, focused on growth and scalability.

We are authentic

We say what we mean in clear, understandable language.

We earn trust

We strive to create trusted relationships – nothing is more important than sustaining that trust.

“Kranz really understands what it takes to support a venture-backed company. They have a talented pool of people that are able to step into your finance organization and provide immediate value.”

Matt Jones, CEO of Cloudshield

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