Mergers & Acquisitions / IPO

Leverage opportunities & control risks

At a time of unprecedented disruption and an increased focus on innovation, keeping up with market change is an everyday endeavor. To compete and capitalize on new opportunities, you have to constantly build, refine, and invigorate your firm’s valuation.

What is one of the quickest ways to invigorate your firm’s valuation? Inorganic growth—joint ventures, alliances, spin-outs, mergers, and acquisitions—coupled with divestitures when needed. Still, it’s no easy feat. Your M&A decisions must align with your business objectives and be promising at the same time. It sounds simple, but it’s difficult to master. With extensive experience planning and executing, we help companies quickly and cost effectively add strategic capabilities and reach – creating value at every level.

Our team of experts can help you with:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Valuation Analytics
  • Spin-outs, Carve-outs, & Joint Ventures
  • Sell-side: Due Diligence
  • Buy-side: Due Diligence & Quality of Earnings
  • Merger Integration

IPO preparation

  • Assist with management of the IPO project – monitor progress to key date and deadlines
  • Work with external auditors, valuation specialists, attorneys, and others as needed to resolve accounting, auditing, or reporting matters as they arise
  • Prepare draft financial statements with footnotes including ensuring all new and applicable public company reporting and disclosure requirements are compiled
  • Assist in drafting sections of the S-1 including Dilution, Capitalization, MD&A, Summary Financial Information, Selected Financial Data, Executive Compensation as well as ensuring consistency of financial data through the S-1 document. We also perform the necessary updates to the S-1 document once the offering price is set
  • Participate in drafting sessions, as needed
  • Assist in the “quarterization” of historical financial information, if needed
  • Prepare EPS calculations and segment disclosures
  • Assist in drafting responses to SEC Comments, as needed
  • Post-IPO support (assistance with 10-K, 10-Q filing requirements)
  • Advise on SOX requirements and related management certifications

Sampling of kranz corporate transaction support


  • to LinkedIn
  • CBR Systems to AMAG Pharmaceuticals
  • Cloud Lending to Q2 Holdings
  • Codenvy to RedHat
  • DoubleFine to Microsoft
  • Icebrg to Gigamon
  • Jungla to Invitae
  • LoungeBuddy to American Express
  • Marble Robot to Caterpillar
  • Rimeto to Slack
  • Smyte to Twitter


  • CAT Auction Services by IronPlanet
  • Kruse by IronPlanet
  • Velocloud by VMWare


  • Bright Machines from Flex/Autodesk
  • Hitch


  • Sonim Technologies
  • Twist Bioscience

 “I have never cared what something costs; I care what its worth.”

Ari Emanuel

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