Words to Use in Your Next Interview

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Job interviews can be a stressful process. It can feel like your entire career hangs in the balance of a  recruiter’s decision—and in many ways, it can. However, you should understand the effectiveness of your own role in the interview process. It is possible to influence the outcome by merely understanding exactly what recruiters appreciate hearing.

What Should You be Saying?

According to a new study conducted by Kaitlin Wooley (Cornell University) and Ayelet Fishbach (University of Chicago), the magic four words that will help you the most in an interview are none other than:   “I love my work.”

What Does This Phrase Really Mean?

It’s more than a simple expression about being passionate about what you do, although that’s certainly part of it. What it really means is that you are intrinsically motivated. In simpler terms, it indicates that you are motivated by internal rewards that you receive because you are genuinely satisfied with the type of work that you do.

This is an advantage to the potential employer because it indicates that the interviewee is not necessarily motivated by monetary rewards or more pay, but that they are driven to do the work because they believe that their work has meaning.

Advantages Around the Workplace

A person who indicates that they love their work also demonstrates they will likely work well on a team. Being around someone who is passionate and loves what they do is an infectious characteristic. People enjoy working with people who are happy, positive and bring)enthusiasm to what they do. Essentially, this type of mentality could influence the working dynamic of an entire office.

Don’t Just Say it, Believe It

Landing the job is important, but so is your happiness. Learning what recruiters want to hear the most may help you evaluate where you are with your own career. Remember, your relationship with your work can influence the rest of your life—make sure you’re doing the work that you love.


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 



Now that you know what words will separate you from the competition, you’ll be armed with an additional weapon.    Want to work with us?  Click here for a listing of our current job opportunities.