Be More Successful at Work

success keys

We all want to feel good about a job well done, but sometimes the day-to-day routine can leave us feeling bogged down about our careers.  Sound like you?  Don’t worry, you are not alone.   Thankfully, you don’t have to stand by and wait for success to happen; you can create successful work habits by implementing a few simple tips.

Eliminate Procrastination

Procrastination is the number one success killer. It gets in the way of you doing your absolute best job and can leave you feeling unfilled and frustrated. Make sure that, when you are working, it has your entire attention. You are likely to work more quickly and efficiently. Your supervisor will appreciate your work ethic, and you’ll reap the benefits of feeling accomplished.

Take Breaks

While you certainly don’t want procrastination to rule your work day, you should be taking regular breaks.  Sitting stagnant for a period of time will make it harder to focus.  If you have a sedentary job, make sure you’re getting up and moving around a little every single hour. You’ll come back to your desk feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the next task, successfully.

Learn Your Patterns

If you are more creative in the mornings, then do your writing, research or other creative responsibilities first thing in the morning and leave your more technical tasks to the end of the day.This will allow you to take advantage of your natural abilities and be more efficient.

 Seek Out Opportunities

It’s common for people to want to move up in their position. Don’t be afraid to seek out opportunities to do so. Oftentimes, employers offer training, conferences, or other chances to explore advancing your career. Taking the initiative to become more successful doesn’t go unnoticed.


Networking is a critical part of career growth. Making connections with other people can help you identify success, work toward it, and even gain resources to help you do so. Reach out to individuals who have similar positions or positions that you would like to hold one day.


If you want to be more successful at work, you can certainly do that. It’s not about waiting for opportunities to come your way, but instead, looking for a chance to expand your skill-set and create a more meaningful workday. Making sure that you are taking care of yourself, removing distractions, and seeking out opportunities will certainly assist in creating the type of success that you want.


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