Consultant Spotlight: Melissa Gravino


We are thrilled to highlight our Senior Manager, Melissa Gravino. Read the full interview to learn more about Melissa’s expertise, her passion for her work, and how she helps her clients thrive.  

What is your hometown? New York City, NY

What is your alma mater? Adelphi University

What are your favorite things to do outside of the office?  I enjoy going to art museums, listening to jazz bands, bike riding, and trying out one of the many new restaurants in the city. 

How has your background impacted your experience as a consultant? My background as an Audit Senior Manager and a prior small business owner has provided me with a unique perspective of understanding the nuances and challenges of owning a business, as well as having handson operational accounting experience combined with the analytical and financial statement preparation experience gained during my time as an auditor where I was exposed to clients in different industries with different business challenges.  

What’s a typical workday like for you?  Each day is different, which is what makes this position enjoyable! 

What motivates you to wake up and go to work every day? Learning new things and helping my clients understand their financial statements in a meaningful, effective way that helps them make the best decisions to increase cash flow and profitability. 

What kind of work have you been doing?I have been helping clients who are undergoing their first audit by preparing GAAP note disclosures, assisting with the cash flow statement, implementation of ASC 606 Revenue Recognition for primarily SaaS companies, and lease accounting and CECL implementations. Additionally, I have reviewed a profits interest agreement to determine if any clauses in the agreement would require liability treatment.

Where do you believe you deliver the most value to your clients? With both audit and operational accounting experience, the value provided to clients goes beyond assisting them with their financial statement audits and implementing new accounting standards to the preparation and analysis of the financial statements. 

What’s your process like? My process is centered around gaining an understanding of the scope of the engagement and the client’s concerns by meeting with the client both before and during the project.