Impact of COVID-19 on VC Funds

Where do we go from here?

Gain insight into what relationships between the VC and start-up companies will look like and what they should be doing from this point forward to get through the current crisis.

We are excited to dive deep and provide unique and practical insights on the following topics:

Background – Where we’ve been

  • The macro effects COVID-19 has had on the US economy. Businesses hurt and benefited.
  • Which industries will be permanently impaired or transformed? How?
  • How have these macro trends impacted VC investment?
  • How have portfolio companies adapted?

Where do we go from here?

  • How has COVID-19 affected LP relationships?
  • Impact on raising new funds.
  • How will investors change their strategies?
  • What will the investment trends look like?
  • Resources available to start-ups during these uncertain times.
  • Advice investors are giving to start-ups to navigate the current environment.

Venture Capital Series

Meet Our Panelists

Matthew Nordgren Webinar Headshot

Matthew Nordgren
Founder and CEO
Arcadian Capital

Marcus Stroud Webinar Headshot

Marcus Stroud
TXV Partners

Elizabeth Weil Webinar Headshot

Elizabeth Weil
Founder and Managing Director
Scribble Ventures

Tom Muscrella Webinar Headshot

Tom Muscarella
CFO and Venture Capital Practice Leader

Homan Yuen Webinar Headshot

Homan Yuen
Fusion Fund