Bud, a veteran CFO with over 35 years of financial experience, joined Kranz & Associates as a partner in 1995 to help shape what is today the premier financial outsourcing firm in Northern California and beyond. Bud’s experience as a CFO includes multiple public offerings as well as several start-up companies. He focuses on early-stage technology companies including eCommerce, web, and software companies, with a keen eye towards ensuring they are well-positioned for extensive growth.

At Kranz & Associates, Bud has been actively involved in Yelp.com, a Web 2.0 social networking company that connects people to businesses, Freewheel Media, Inc., a digital video ad management and monetization company, Jaspersoft, an open-source Business Intelligence Suite, MuleSource, an open-source service-oriented architecture, SocialText, a social software solution for the enterprise, Responsys, an on-demand email marketing solution, Hyperic Corporation, an open-source network management company (acquired by SpringSource), Gracenote, a digital entertainment company (acquired by Sony), and Preview Systems (IPO).

As interim CFO, Bud is responsible for all financial affairs from funding to IPO, which include; establishing policies and procedures allowing companies to scale, managing financial reporting, establishing and managing banking relationships, and assisting the management team in setting strategic goals and objectives. Bud has arranged over $100 million in venture/bank related financing for his companies in the past 15 years. He has extensive experience working with European and Asian companies as stand-alone companies or as subsidiaries of US-based companies.

Prior to Kranz & Associates, Bud developed his wealth of experience serving in the CFO position at Telemac Cellular, his first technology start-up, a developer of prepaid cellular software sold to Phillips Electronics in 1995, Morgan Graphics, a graphic arts distribution company and Landsing Corporation, a real estate syndication company, the first company to offer equity REIT’s in the public market where Bud drove 5 of the company’s sponsored IPO’s. Landsing was Bud’s first start-up, whereas the 25th employee, he helped grow the company to over 500 employees nationwide.

Bud has a B.S. in Accounting and Finance. When he’s not hunkered down working for his clients, Bud and his wife Jill (with whom he recently celebrated a 44th wedding anniversary) enjoy chasing little white objects around fields (golf) and controlled sliding down mountains in Tahoe (skiing) We suspect she lets him win at golf.